A Book Both Children & Parents Will Enjoy

Many years ago, I fell in love with a mouse named Despereaux. He was born small, but his heart was big. He went on a grand adventure and saved the life of Princess Pea. Author Kate DiCamillo created a character in Despereaux that was everything a hero of a fairy tale should be: brave, kind, and gentle.

When The Beatryce Prophecy came across my desk, I jumped at the chance to read another story like The Tale of Despereaux. The new release by Kate DiCamillo was another tale about a young girl and an animal friend – this time a goat named Answelica.

Answelica is everything a hero in a fairy tale shouldn’t be: ill-tempered, stubborn, and hostile. She delights in terrorizing the monks who feed her. She headbutts her unsuspecting victims clear across the field. And if she’s feeling extra irritable, she might just sink her teeth into their backside for good measure.

One day, while admiring the sunrise, Brother Edik came across something very unexpected. A young girl was curled up next to the goat.  Answelica did not bite her. Answelica did not attack her. Answelica just stood peacefully, as if protecting the child.

The girl’s name was Beatryce. She lost all memory of what happened before she ended up in Answelica’s barn. What she doesn’t know is that she’s in a lot of danger. There is a prophecy about a child – a female child – who will one day unseat the King. And the King believes that child is Beatryce.

The Beatryce Prophecy is a medieval fairy tale with multiple layers that will appeal to all kinds of readers – fantasy lovers, adventure seekers, and those that simply crave a story about love and friendship.

Answelica earned a special place in my heart even though she wasn’t the typical kind of hero you’d find in a fairy tale. Her tenacious spirit made me laugh out loud more than once. This is a book that both parents and children will enjoy.