History, Mystery, and a Splash of True Love

Genevieve Graham is one of my favourite Canadian authors and has made a name for herself with her engaging stories set around often lesser-known aspects of Canadian history. In this latest novel, Graham writes a compelling story that centres around WWI and post-war Prohibition in Windsor, Ontario.

Bluebird is a story set in two timelines and is told by three characters – Adele Savard, one of Canada’s ‘Bluebird’ nurses who works in a WWI field hospital where she meets Corporal Jerry Bailey, a tunneller in the 1st Canadian Tunneling Company. The third voice comes from Cassie, a museum curator in present day Windsor, Ontario whose link to Adele and Jerry develops into an intriguing mystery.

When Adele and Jerry return home after the war to the Windsor area, they see how much their hometowns have changed. The Spanish Flu has invaded, Prohibition has taken over, rumrunning is a booming business and they witness firsthand how war veterans and nurses don’t receive respect after risking their lives overseas. Adele and Jerry adjust to this new life and through them, Graham tells a riveting and emotional story that brings parts of Canadian history to life, particularly what life was like during Prohibition and the dangerous (but oh-so-exciting) lives of Canadian rumrunners.

This is a fantastic and fascinating story that will sweep readers away to battlefields and speakeasies (and Blind Pigs – look it up!) that balances a sweet romance, a modern mystery, and a look into the dangerous lives and long-held grudges of Windsor rumrunners.

If you’re in the mood for some history and mystery with a splash of true love, put your hold on Bluebird now before its April 5th release date.

Note: WPL also has many of Graham’s other books in our collection and I’d highly recommend Letters Across the Sea and The Forgotten Home Child.