Reading Together II

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Chapter Books for Ages 9 to 12

July means fireworks, swimming pools and hot, hot sunshine. It also means the start of our Kids Summer Reading Club. It’s easy to join, just sign up online and check in frequently to track your child’s reading.

Reading together is a great way to improve your child’s literacy skills over the summer. Sometimes it can be tricky to pick out books that interest both the caregiver and the child. Luckily we have some fantastic book series geared for older children (ages 9 to 12) that will also appeal to adults:

Magisterium by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Magic can be a dangerous thing. Those who possess it must be taught to control it. The Magisterium is an underground academy of mages who can control the elementals – fire, air, water and earth. They seek out children who show any elemental skills and take them to be trained.

Call has been taught hate The Magisterium. They killed his mother and deceived his father. When he is summoned to take the trials at Magisterium, Call does his best to fail but the magic has other plans.

When you first start reading this series you will think the plot is pretty cliché. You will think you have the story all figured out. You will think it’s a lot like Harry Potter…until you get to the end when your mind will be BLOWN. I won’t spoil it for you. But do yourself a favour and check out all the books in the series at the same time. You’re not going want to stop reading.

The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

London 1665.

This story starts with a bang. Literally. A young apothecary’s apprentice named Christopher, has just figured out the recipe for gunpowder. He has a knack for figuring out all sorts of potions, elixirs and…the occasional explosion. But when his master is found murdered Christopher no longer has time for mischief. He must solve the crime by cracking the code left behind by his master before his death.

I recommend this series to a lot of readers because it has so many genres rolled into one – it’s mystery, suspense and historical fiction. Plus it is fast-paced and action driven. It’s a great choice for reluctant readers as it draws you in from page one and keeps you engaged throughout the story.

Lock and Key by Ridley Pearson

Ruthless. Cunning. Criminal. Mastermind. James Keynes Moriarty is a villain like no other. He is capable of committing unspeakable acts of deceit without remorse. He is the perfect match for Sherlock Holmes in terms of skill and intellect. But what drove Moriarty to perform such diabolic crimes? How is such a villain created?

Lock and Key explores the childhood of Moriarty from the perspective of his younger sister. It’s a modern spin on an old story – Moriarty and his sister are both starting Baskerville Academy in Boston, Massachusetts at the insistence of their father. There is a long standing tradition for the sons in his family to attend Baskerville. After he arrives at his dorm he finds he has been paired with a peculiar young man with a keen eye for detail – Sherlock Holmes.

Shortly afterwards the Moriarty family bible (kept locked up in the school chapel) goes missing. A series of puzzling clues are left behind leaving Moriarty to believe there is more going on at Baskerville than simple classes.

This series is full of secrets, lies and intrigue.  There are mysteries wrapped up in mysteries and it takes reading through more than one book in the series to put all the clues together. It’s a good series for discussion – you and your young reader can discuss your predictions together.

We love talking about children’s books! Anytime you need a book recommendation for you and your child please contact us. For book series recommendations for younger readers (ages 6 to 8) just click here.

— Lesley L.