Reading Together

Reading Together: Chapter Books for Ages 6 to 8

Put on your sunglasses and pour a cold glass of lemonade – summertime is here! That means the start of our Kids Summer Reading Club. Just sign up online and check in frequently to track your child’s reading.

Making time to read together is a great way to keep up your child’s literacy skills over the summer. For younger readers (age 6 to 8) check out these great chapter book series that can be read in any order:

13th Street by David Bowles

Watch out for 13th Street! You just may be walking along minding your own business and suddenly find yourself lost in a strange place filled with eerie monsters, like bats….with super bad breath. This story follows three cousins who get trapped in a dimension full of spooky creatures.

13th Street is a brand new series that is written specifically for children who are just starting to read chapter books. It has short chapters and pictures on every page to help with reading comprehension.

Remy Sneakers by Kevin Sherry

Remy Sneakers is a thoughtful raccoon.  He sees the value in things. Other people may see something and think it’s trash. Not Remy. He knows a real treasure when he sees it! His collection of odd items is carefully stashed in his ‘sweet pad.’  Not everyone thinks highly of raccoons however, and Remy often finds himself in trouble. But he can always call on his crew – a ragtag band of critters – to help clear his name.

Remy Sneakers is a mix between a graphic novel and a chapter book. The writing is simple and the dialogue is written in a different font to help the reader follow along with the story.

Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows

Shy and calm versus loud and rambunctious. Ivy and Bean couldn’t be more different. Ivy is content to stay indoors and play quietly. Bean is a wild child who can’t sit still. Despite being complete opposites, these seven- year- old girls are the best of friends. They live in a vibrant neighbourhood called Pancake Court along with several other characters that appear in the books.

This series has been around for a long time but it has always been one of my favorites. Both Ivy and Bean are relatable characters and most young readers will be able to see themselves reflected in the storylines. Friendship is a central theme that carries throughout the entire series.

We always love talking about children’s books. If you are looking for any recommendations please just ask us and will we find the right books for you and your child. Stay tuned next week for book series recommendations for older children (ages 9 to 12).

— Lesley L.