Important Update for Kanopy Users

Waterloo Public Library’s free trial period with Kanopy is ending June 11 and its permanent subscription service will begin. Once the trial period is over, all accounts that were created will need to be recreated. This means that on June 12, any information a customer has added to their Kanopy account, like viewing history or to-be-watched lists, will be automatically erased.

On or after Friday June 12:

  • Customers will need to recreate their Kanopy accounts
  • Once a new account is created, customer will have 7 play credits per month
  • Kanopy Kids does not count as a play credit; after a single borrow in Kanopy Kids, customers will have full access to the entire Kanopy Kids collection
  • Great Courses will no longer be available online; borrow on disc through the library
  • A free alternative to Great Courses are and Gale Courses

About Kanopy

Kanopy is a streaming movie service – similar to paid products like Netflix or CraveTV. You can watch Kanopy movies on your computer or you can download the app to any smart device or smart TV.

On Kanopy, there’s a mix of Canadian films, Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries and international movies. Plus, there’s Kanopy Kids! Browsing is easy, with helpful categories like Most Popular, Canadian Filmakers and Feel Good watches. There’s something for everyone and it’s all free for WPL members.

Signing up for a Kanopy account is easy:

  • Access Kanopy on our Digital Library
  • Create a free account with your library card number and email address
  • Borrow/stream up to 7 movies every 30 days, with the 30 day period starting when the first movie is borrowed

Kanopy Kids

The borrowing system for Kanopy Kids is different than Kanopy. If one movie is borrowed/ streamed from Kanopy Kids, the cardholder then has access to the entire Kanopy Kids collection for 30 days. That means you can watch and re-watch as many Kanopy Kids titles as you’d like within the 30 day period. Using Kanopy Kids does not use one of the cardholders 7 borrows/ streams from regular Kanopy.

If you have any questions about Kanopy, just ask us.