Exit West

Sometimes a book comes along with so much hype, a gorgeous cover and a promising plot. Then you read it and it lives up to everything.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid is just that book. It is on everyone’s TBR list right now (nerd talk for “To Be Read”) and it’s premise is timely and magical. Two young adults begin a love affair in a country full of war. They need to get away and be safe. Everyone needs to get away. There is secret talk of hidden doors you can walk through and exit into another country, with or without fighting is unknown, but many people are willing to take the risk. The couple talk about finding a door and starting over.

The magical component of this book is subtle and lovely but it is hardly a dream solution. Hamid’s writing however is dream-like and beautiful, even under the duress of the tragedy he describes. He finds and shows the reader so much beauty.  It is a short novel, but one not to rush through. It explores love during times of trouble, losing love and sustaining it.  This is a book that everyone should read, I couldn’t have pushed it into my husband’s hands more quickly when I was finished and if I see you at the library, I’ll be telling you to read it as well.

-Sarah C.