Celebrating Canada’s 150th

How will you celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday?

I’m hoping to visit a national park (free passes!) and maybe take a trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in the fall.

Here’s another idea. You can celebrate by sitting in your own home and reading this book, They Desire a Better Country by Lawrence Scanlan.

This books gives brief sketches of 50 recipients of the Order of Canada, which was created in 1967. Since then, almost 7,000 Canadians, across many different fields, have received it.

Some recipients of the Order (like singer Celine Dion or astronaut Chris Hadfield) are well known to most Canadians, and others (like journalist June Callwood or singer Susan Aglukark) have some name recognition. But probably a third of the people in this book are completely unknown to me (architect James K. M. Cheng or scientist David W. Schindler, for example). The overall impression is “wow, Canadians have done some truly amazing things.”

So yes, we Canadians have much reason to celebrate but perhaps we should also reflect on the mistakes we have made along the way – and see what we can do about fixing them.

–Penny D.

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