Events and Reads for Your Journey This Science Odyssey

Ongoing in the community right now is Science Odyssey! This couple-of-weeks long event “celebrates Canadian achievements in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics” according to their website. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with all kinds of STEAM events right here in our own KW (and Guelph!).


Stem Cell Talks

Wednesday, May 17
9am – 3pm

University of Guelph

Starting on the biology side of things is an event themed all around the mighty stem cell!

Guelph University is hosting a free full day exploration of biology for prospective undergraduates on May 17 from 9-3PM. Their website details that “our bodies contain stem cells, which can transform into any other type of cell. Imagine being able to treat or replace cancer cells with cells from the patient’s own body! If only we understood perfectly how to unlock the power of stem cells. Studying the potential for stem cells in cancer treatment is an active and promising field of research! This full-day symposium will teach youth about the potential of stem cell therapies and show them what it might be like to be an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph.” Note, lunch is included!

Register here

Secrets of the Universe 3D Movie

Tuesday, May 16 & Thursday, May 18

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Just across the street from our Main branch is the Secrets of the Universe, a 3D movie aimed at teens and up showing at the Perimeter Insitute for Theoretical Physics. The film’s producers, K2 Studies, describe it as an “adventure that immerses audiences in the greatest mysteries of our time – puzzles spanning from the infinitesimal to the infinite – and introduces the brilliant minds seeking to unravel them.”

Reserve tickets here

Creation Station + Science Odyssey

Wednesday, May 17
11am – 2pm

THEMUSEUM, Kitchener

Our friends at THEMUSEUM down in Kitchener are also hosting an event! Alongside all their regular programming, they also have a special art activity where you can “learn about chemicals and get the chance to create a cool piece of bubble print artwork!” from 11AM to 2PM on May 17th.

Access to this event is included in the cost of admission to THEMUSEUM, or it is a wonderful opportunity to check out a museum pass from our lending catalogue!  

Recommended Reads

On the subject of our lending catalogue, we also have some great titles centered around Canadian science!

Plants by Pamela Hickman explores living things and plant characteristics! It’s a great early way for young readers to engage with the natural sciences (maybe setting them up for the next Stem Cell Talks at Guelph!).

A little older, Innovation Nation by David Johnston & Tom Jenkins gives context behind some great Canadian ideas, from the ancient designs of canoes and igloos to the latest in medicine, education, and engineering!

Lastly, for the adults in the room, The Science of Why is a great pop-sci series written by Jayn Ingram, the former host of “Daily Planet.”