Mental Health Week: May 1-7

Every year since 1951, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has hosted Mental Health Week during the first week of May. According to CMHA, one in five Canadians experience a mental illness or mental health issues. It is a week to recognize the struggles that many are facing and to be kind to yourself and others.

We encourage you to take some time this week (and every week) to nurture your mental wellbeing—as well as that of your kids and other people around you. Here are some books and resources to get you started.

For Adults

For Teens


More Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling, there are many places to reach out for help right here in our community. These include:

Other Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Waterloo Public Library is here to help you find ways to practice self-care and boost your mental health.