A Novel About Writing & a Second Chance at Romance

Sizzling, but sweet, The Roughest Draft is perfect for anyone who loves a book about books, writing, warring friends turned enemies or a second chance at romance. This book has it all! 

Katrina and Nathan used to be really good friends. They’ve co-written a few books that topped the best-seller lists and turned them into household names. But that all ended after their latest bestseller Only Once. Newspapers and magazines have speculated over the reason for the split of the magnanimous duo, but no one knows the real reason. Maybe not even Katrina and Nathan… 

Nathan’s latest solo novel has tanked, and Katrina needs money for her upcoming wedding to her agent-turned-fiancé. Things are bad, but their publishers remind them that they still are under contract for one more book. And if they can muster the strength to work together for a few short months in the Florida beach house they’ve always rented, then maybe both their lives could turn around. 

The Florida heat is scorching and leaves a sizzle in the beach house that Katrina and Nathan share as old histories and feelings come swooping back. 

As a writer myself and as someone who enjoys reading, The Roughest Draft was a lot of fun, especially as it delved into the writing process, and even the co-writing process. It was fascinating to read about Nathan’s style of writing vs. Katrina’s, and the way they edit each other’s writing quirks to make the writing shine. 

Since the story is told in alternating viewpoints that sometimes go from present to past, the reader is really able to understand Nathan and Katrina as people and what happened between them. This style of storytelling really makes the past a living and breathing thing that still weighs heavily on both Nathan and Katrina and their relationship in the present. 

The romance isn’t heavy-handed and it was very cute to see Nathan and Katrina fall for each other through their editorial notes, as their writing and editing almost became code as a way to communicate all the things they couldn’t say. But the past continues to plague them both, and it’s only when they confront their demons that they’re able to move forward and write a new chapter. 

If you like cute romances about second chances and stories about storytelling or writing, you are bound to enjoy The Roughest Draft. Pick up a copy at WPL today!