Summer Reading for Kids

School is out and summer vacation is here! Today marks the start of the Summer Reading Quest at Waterloo Public Library. Over the summer break, literacy skills can begin to wane. Joining the Summer Reading Quest is a great way to keep your child reading, as well as to learn about new subjects. We have a very large selection of both fiction and non-fiction books to help. Here are a few titles to get your started…

Rabbit Chase by Elizabth Lapensee

Rabbit Chase by Elizabeth LaPensée & KC Oster

It’s hard to feel happy when you are misunderstood by everyone. Aimee is an Indigenous, non-binary student who is a prime target for bullies.

Everything changes for Aimee during a ceremonial class trip to the petroglyphs. They meet a clever rabbit who leads them to an alternate world that is ruled by a tyrant Queen. Aimee sets out on an action-filled journey to set things right.

This graphic novel is a new spin on Alice in Wonderland using Anishinaabe storytelling. Throughout the story Aimee gains a new sense of courage and self-worth. Although this story is fiction, it is a good introduction to Anishinaabe culture, as well as to the topic of preserving petroglyphs. To learn more about Anishinaabe culture, check out our selection of books and resources here.

Animal Teams: How Amazing Animals Work Together in the Wild by Caroline Stamps & illustrated by Charlotte Milner

Animal Teams by Caroline Stamps

Everywhere you look you will see animals working together. Whether it be in the ocean, in the jungle or in the sky, there are groups of animals living as a team in order to survive.

If you have ever woken up to a racket of birds squawking, it was probably a group of starlings. There can be thousands of starlings in a flock. Their high numbers make it difficult for predators to attack. It also makes it easier to keep warm during the cold winter months.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘packed like sardines.’ It comes from a method of survival for billions of tiny silver fish. They swim together so tightly that sharks have a hard time catching them. A school of sardines can be over four miles long!

Rabbits, wolves, monkeys, and even yellow seahorses all work together in a team. This book is a great starting point to learn about animal behaviour. You and your child can pick which animal group is your favourite and learn more about them together. It’s a great summer project book.

History is Delicious by Joshua Lurie & illustrated by Laura Foy

History is Delicious by Joshua Lurie

Food connects us all. Across the world people celebrate special occasions by sharing a meal. Over time, the staple foods we eat can change dramatically. Certain foods can become more scarce or new foods can be introduced. There is a lot of history packed into the meals we share. For example, in Peru during the time of the Inca’s, meals were made from beans, chiles and tomatoes. Years later, when labourers from Asia came to Peru they introduced ginger, scallions, and soy sauce to the local cuisine. As a result, today we have dishes such as Loma Saltado which includes both tomatoes and soy sauce.

Every part of the world has had its staple meals evolve over time. Each section of the book details a different continent and the history of its cuisine. At the end of every chapter there are recipes to try, which makes for a great way to learn new cooking skills as well.

For more great books to read for the Summer Reading Quest, click here. Happy summer reading!