A Special Day for Books Around the World

April 23rd is World Book Day (also known as World Book and Copyright Day). It was established in 1995 by UNESCO as a way to promote books and encourage people to discover the joy of reading. It also falls on the anniversary of the deaths of prominent authors such as Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, and Garcilaso “Inca” de la Vega.  

The goal of this day is to raise awareness about the benefits of reading books, while promoting publishing and helping people learn about the importance of copyright. There is power in books and through this day, we hope to show people how books can be a valuable resource for knowledge and entertainment. 

Here in Canada, April 23rd is also Canada Book Day, a day set aside to promote reading, authors, and copyright here in our country. The hope is that with the focus of these two celebrations, they will inspire people to read and explore books throughout the year!

Here are a few celebration ideas for World Book Day and Canada Book Day:

  • Read a book by a Canadian author (need some inspiration? See the list below)
  • Donate a book to a school or charity
  • Visit your local public library
  • Buy a book from your favourite book store (especially a local, independent bookstore!)
  • Read a format or genre you haven’t tried before
  • Read a book from a new-to-you author
  • Read a book by a local author
  • Host a book club – in person or online
  • Download an eBook or eAudiobook
  • Participate in a #BookFace challenge and use the hashtags #WorldBookAndCopyrightDay and #BookFace and tag @unesco on your social media post
Photo credit: Katia (@aguakatia) on Twitter

Need some bookish inspiration?

The following are books by some of our talented Canadian authors:




How are you going to celebrate World Book Day and Canada Book Day?