Picture Books That’ll Add Some Glitter & Magic to Your Day

Unicorns are found in legends all around the world. Famous for their white coats and single horns, they were said to possess magical powers. Throughout history unicorns were a symbol of purity, only appearing to those who are virtuous. Today we celebrate these mythical creatures on National Unicorn Day with a few stellar children’s picture books.

Book cover of "Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert" by Morag Hood

If you want to learn more about unicorns, then you need an expert. No one knows more about unicorns than Sophie Johnson. After all, she works hard looking after all 17 of her ‘unicorns.’ They might look a little different than what you’d expect, but they all have horns so that’s all that matters. Sophie has a lot to teach us. In fact, without her expertise most of us wouldn’t be able to spot a unicorn if it showed up at our door!

Book cover of "Thelma the Unicorn" by Aaron Blabey

Thelma is tired of being ordinary. She wants to be a unicorn instead. Unicorns are special. Her best friend Otis thinks Thelma is fine just the way she is.  But Thelma disagrees – being a unicorn would be so much better. Then one day a miracle happens. Thelma transforms into a pretty, glittery UNICORN! Now everything is wonderful! Or is it?

Book cover of "Unicorns Are the Worst!" by Alex Willan

Thelma may think unicorns are the best thing ever, but there is a tiny goblin that disagrees. He thinks Unicorns Are the Worst! All they do is frolic around a meadow. And don’t even get him started on the glitter. Goblins dedicate their lives to learning the magic of the earth, but do they get any recognition? No! What are unicorns good for anyways? And another thing – hey wait a minute is that a dragon?! Hmmm, it turns out unicorns might be useful after all.

Book cover of "Nerdycorn" by Andrew Root

There is no unicorn more useful than Fern. She’s the only unicorn with a soldering iron. While the other unicorns are leaping over rainbows, she’s busy in her laboratory building robots. Fern is a bit of a Nerdycorn. The trouble is, sometimes the other unicorns make her feel bad because she’s not as ‘cool’ as they are. They make fun of her glasses and call her names. So, Fern decides to teach them a lesson. The next time one of their Flutter Phones breaks, she’s not fixing it! Standing up for herself might be the most useful thing she’s ever done.

For more glitter, rainbows, and horns make sure to browse our catalogue. Happy Unicorn Day!