Oh, the Books You Can Read on Dr. Seuss Day

Theodore Seuss Geisel, writing under the name Dr. Seuss, penned some of the most popular children’s books of all time. Writing and illustrating over 60 stories, many of which were turned into films, Broadway musicals, and cartoons, he captured the hearts and minds of children all over the world with his quirky and audacious characters and prose.

Here are some of my favourites…

Oh, The Places You’ll Go is a “joyous ode to personal fulfillment,” a primer for any age group, in my opinion. It demonstrates the blessings of having determination, while at the same time not glossing over the rocky roads that we all face in our life’s journey. It encourages the reader to have an attitude of gratitude and to grasp at all life has to offer, even when it’s not always sunny. This is a timeless message but feels particularly poignant during the unusual circumstances we are currently living through.

Green Eggs and Ham is a marvelously illustrated and rhythmical adventure which leads the reader to the conclusion that trying new things, while perhaps scary, may end up being amazing. Being brave doesn’t just mean jumping off cliffs or facing a lion head-on, but also taking a small step out of our comfort zone to see what other surprises life has to offer. This book is as fun to read aloud yourself as it is to have read to you!

Fox in Socks is just plain fun! A great early reader for kids but so much fun for parents and children to share. Impossible to not laugh out loud and how fun is that!!!

Horton Hatches the Egg is a silly romp about an elephant agreeing to mind a bird’s egg while she takes a much-needed break from tending her nest. The problem is that the bird Mayzie never comes back, but Horton’s sense of duty and loyalty compels him to keep sitting on the nest in spite of the many hardships he endures while doing so. It demonstrates patience and resiliency and also that out of something bleak, one can often find the greatest reward.

Last but not least, The Lorax. Here is a story for our time, a simple yet layered demonstration of how the survival of the earth has become endangered. In easy language, Seuss is able to convey the dangers of greed and short-sightedness as they relate to the health and interconnectedness of our world. And in a subtle way, he nudges the reader toward a recognition that they could be part of the solution.