Exciting New Releases Coming in 2022

With the New Year brings new opportunities to reflect on our favourite reads of the past year, and opportunities to add even more exciting books to our To-Be-Read-Next lists. If you’re looking to catch up on great reads from last year, check out our Top 10 Reads of 2021, and our current Featured Titles books also make great additions to reading lists.

As we look forward to 2022 and its opportunities for learning and growth, we’re also looking forward to all of the new releases occurring in the coming days and months!

From an exciting memoir to a suspenseful thriller and a cute rom-com, here are six upcoming releases we’re look forward to in 2022.

Manifesto: On Never Giving Up

Publication Date: January 18

Bernardine Evaristo‘s non-fiction debut is a vibrant, charismatic, and inspirational look into her life growing up in the UK and her decades-long, hard-fought efforts to bring her creative work into the world. Her perspective on race, class, feminism, sexuality, and aging brings a great addition to current conversations on those subjects, and she reminds us of how far we still have to go. The 2019 Booker Prize winner‘s latest work is perseverance and a detour from convention all wrapped up into one exciting memoir.

Moon Witch, Spider King

Publication Date: February 15

The second installment of James Marlon‘s Dark Star Trilogy sees Sogolon the Moon Witch take centre stage and share her own account of what happened in Black Leopard, Red Wolf and her clash with the Tracker. The addition to the story and plot as told from the perspective of an adversary and a woman adds another fascinating layer to Sogolon’s world, and is an adventurous and chronicling tale of a woman who bows to no man, while exploring power and personality.

Meet Me in the Margins

Publication Date: February 15

When editor Samantha Cade receives unexpected (and critical) feedback scribbled on the romance manuscript she’s secretly working on and has hidden away in her office’s secluded turret room, she’s more than a little dismayed. However, when her editor-in-chief gives Samantha feedback similar to that of her secret reviewer and only six weeks to resubmit her latest copy, she is loathe to admit that she needs help from her mystery editor. As their notes back and forth start to fill up the margins of her manuscript, Samantha finds her confidant not only pivotal to her work but her personal life as well, and can’t help but fall a little bit more in love with him. If only she know who he was or what he looked like. This rom-com by Melissa Ferguson is witty, warm, and definitely a romance for the books.

The Swimmers

Publication Date: February 22

These recreational swimmers thrive on routine. Pick your preferred lane (slow, medium, fast), get your daily laps in, then rest and repeat. When a crack appears at the bottom of the pool and disrupts their routines, their lives are cast into an unforgiving world without comfort or relief. One of these swimmers is Alice; she relies on her daily time at the pool to help her take a stand against her encroaching dementia. Without her daily laps she is thrown into memories of her childhood and the Japanese-American incarceration camp in which she spent time at during WWII. Julie Otsuka‘s newest novel is an intimate story of the bond between mothers and daughters and the sorrows of loss, all tied together with spellbinding prose.

Sea of Tranquility

Publication Date: April 5

Take a trip through time and space from ship due to arrive at Vancouver Island in 1912 to a colony on the moon 500 years later. When 18-year-old Edwin hears the notes of a violin echoing from the halls of airship while he is crossing the Atlantic Ocean via steamship in 1912, he’s shocked. Equally as shocked is famous writer Olive Llewellyn when the text of her latest book describes what Edwin heard on his voyage 200 years earlier. It’s all up to Detective Gaspery-Jacques Roberts, who was hired to investigate an anomaly in the North American wilderness, to help those whose lives have been upended while at the cost of disrupting the timeline of the universe. Emily St. John Mandel‘s latest novel is a tender and intellectually playful work of fiction that perfectly captures our current reality.

Francie’s Got a Gun

Publication date: July 26

Local author Carrie Snyder‘s latest novel is a suspenseful tale of a girl navigating chaotic family life in a small town. The book begins with a panicked girl named Francie holding a gun, and from this intense moment onward each new chapter reveals another piece of the puzzle that lead her to this moment, until finally the full picture comes into view. We piece together the town’s role in bringing Francie to this moment, as well as the implications of what eventually transpires.

These are only a few of the many new books being released in 2022. Which reads are you looking forward to? Let us know!