Take a Trip to Rural Iowa in this Race-to-the-Finish Murder Mystery

Everything We Didn’t Say is an intriguing story that balances family drama with a cold case mystery as it follows Juniper Baker, a woman who is lured back to her rural hometown by a podcast which accuses a 14-year-old double murder on her younger brother. 

The story starts out slowly as the scene is set and readers are transported between present day and the 14 years prior during the summer before Juniper left for college. Juniper is a solid main character (and a librarian!) who is flawed yet is still someone the reader can sympathize with – particularly her relationships with her mom and brother. 

Nicole Baart skillfully incorporates complicated family issues and environmental stewardship into this story while also building tension and setting great twists (one surprised me, but I guessed the final twist). There are some aspects which I believe the author intentionally left unanswered. It irked me a bit, but I also think it gives readers great discussion points and emphasizes that life doesn’t always give us all the answers.

This a well-written, engaging page-turner that provides readers with solid red herrings, buckets of familial dysfunction, small town drama, and secrets. If you’re looking for a book to keep you up past your bedtime, this is it. Find copies of this suspenseful read at WPL!