Murder Knows No Bounds in This International Mystery Thriller

In this fourth installment of his Detective William Warwick series, Jeffrey Archer once again shows his readers why he’s known for his detailed, compelling, and layered story lines. I had read the first book in this series years ago but remember very little of the characters and plot. Now I wish I had read books two and three because of larger story arcs and returning characters. While Over My Dead Body could be read as a standalone, if you want to understand the whole picture in terms of plot and characters, I suggest starting at the beginning with Nothing Ventured

The story kicks off with a murder on a NYC-bound ocean liner. I was quite enthralled with this plot which introduces readers to 17-year-old James Buchanan (who I can’t help but think will make appearances in future books). One case isn’t enough for Warwick so readers are then whisked back to London when Warwick learns that his nemesis – millionaire art thief and collector Miles Faulkner who was presumed dead – may still be alive. A cat-and-mouse story ensues, and other cases are added to the docket stemming from Warwick’s cold case squad at The Met. 

There is a lengthy list of well-drawn characters – both friend and foe – and with the multiple cases things get a bit convoluted at times, but through it all Warwick shines as the main character. I loved his banter with his Mrs. which added levity, but it was ex-undercover agent Ross Hogan who stole the show for me with his mad skills and penchant for not following the rules. Gotta love a good bad boy, right?

Over My Dead Body was certainly an interesting story to read. While the telling is a bit choppy as we jump from case to case, I think readers will enjoy this layered novel and its many different locales.