Oh, the Suspense!!

Suspense fans take note! Toronto-based lawyer turned suspense author Shari Lapena has done it again with her latest book, Not A Happy Family! This tension-filled mystery that has twists, loads of possible culprits and a look into a highly dysfunctional family. If you’re thinking this would make a perfect summer read, you’d be right!

The cast isn’t an overly likable bunch which sometimes bothers me, but in this case Lapena makes it work. Her characters are fascinating and oh-so-very-flawed and by using multiple points of views, she gives her readers a bird’s eye view into the lives of the Mercer clan, exposing their emotional damage, secrets, greed, and plausible motives for being the murderer. Readers may get whiplash from changing their minds about the identity of the murderer because they all have reasons and the capability to kill Fred and Sheila Mercer, a couple who has as much money as they have issues within their family. 

While this is a tense suspense read, it is also a character study in dysfunction, sibling rivalry, deceit, and conflict within families. The suspense continues right up until the very end when the murderer is revealed with a quiet but still impactful resolution. 

This is my favourite Lapena book to date. Well-crafted, highly suspenseful, and just s’darn unputdownable, this is a must-read this summer for fans of the mighty whodunnit! I’d suggest putting this book on hold at WPL as soon as possible! This hot title is available at WPL in print format and Audiobook CD.

— Laurie P.