The Road Trip

British author Beth O’Leary is known for her contemporary fiction novels, The Flatshare and The Switch which are a nice blend of contemporary fiction, bits of humour and emotional drama. With her latest book, The Road Trip, O’Leary once again weaves heavier topics into a lighter premise about a group of people who find themselves cramped into a Mini Cooper on their way to a friend’s rural wedding in Scotland. Two of the travelers have a rocky history together and using two timelines, O’Leary reveals why their relationship ended and how it continues to impact them today. 

81qsvIEG7ALThe Road Trip is a story about toxic relationships and second chances at love. With a surprising amount of depth, O’Leary packs a lot of vulnerability into her characters who are a unique bunch, many with their own demons to contend with.

With three books now under her belt (and a fourth – The No-Show – due out Spring 2022), O’Leary has found her own niche within the Contemporary Fiction genre, and I look forward to reading more from this author. You can find all three of Beth O’Leary’s books in a variety of formats at

— Laurie P.