You’ve heard of TikTok but have you heard of BookTok? Avid readers who are also TikTok users are sharing their passion for books with millions. Using the platform, they bring the titles they love to life online and, according to The Guardian, are “… reshaping the publishing world, all in under a minute.” To give you an idea of its popularity, the #BookTok tag has over 12 billion views to date.

BookTok has been described as “… the fastest book club you will ever visit.” In under 60 seconds, creators share the books that they would recommend…and sometimes, would not. One particularly fun trend on BookTok was influencers posting time-lapse recordings of themselves reading and reacting to particular books.

While a lot of BookTok is focused on YA and Teen novels, readers of other genres are now creating a lot of great content, too. BookTok-ers are major booklovers and yes, there are tears of both joy and sorrow.

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