Boredom Busting Books

It’s day 43 of lockdown. The kids are climbing the walls. They’ve watched all the movies. They’ve completed all the puzzles. They have read all the books. But there are a few more things hidden in the WPL collection that you might not know about. Not all books are meant to be read in the traditional sense. Some books are games in disguise.

Spot the Differences

STD_ANIMALS-BKTwo photographs are side-by-side. They both look the same but one has a few slight differences. Kids will have to study each photograph carefully to find the subtle disparities. Maybe a shadow is missing. Maybe a tail is a different position. Once you solve the first difference, finding the rest does become addictive. However, if you do get stuck there is an answer key at the back of the book.

Spot 7

51QAuHQdvwLSimilar to Spot the Differences, only with a few more steps involved.

Each picture has exactly seven differences. The clues are described in a riddle format that the reader must solve.


Xtreme Illusions

915OKmcXm4LColours are not always what they seem. Our brains register colour when light is reflected from an object. Different contrasts, backgrounds and shapes can trick our brains into seeing something different than what is actually there. Black dots on a purple background can appear green. Patterns and repeating colours can trick us into seeing movement. Every page has a different optical illusion and brief explanation of how it works.

What in the World?

81pRw6xYyiLChallenging you to spot what is real and what is fake. Is hot air balloon surfing a real thing? Do some rabbit breeds have antlers? Picture puzzles, illusions and search and find activities are mixed in with interesting stats and facts from around the world.

I Spy

91P43rQIBjLCalling all Where’s Waldo fans – this book can keep you occupied for hours. Every photograph features a different collection of items. Kids will have to take their time to search each page to find strategically placed objects – a brown button amongst the sea shells or a white rabbit blended against the snow. There are so many small items worked into each page that it takes a lot of dedication to find everything.

Out of the Box

A17tDsld2oLTake some cardboard, tape and paint. Then do some careful cutting and you’ve created your very own ring toss challenge. Now take some more cardboard plus a few straws and create a rabbit racing game. Maker space books such as Out of the Box offer step-by-step instructions to engineer games and art projects out of cardboard and other household items.

And for our littlest readers:


bbb2103_9This is more than just a magazine. 

Babybug is full of interactive games and early literacy tools. There are rhymes with movement, finger plays, brightly illustrated short stories and simple puzzles and search and find games.

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— Lesley L.