Extraordinary Canadians

Peter Mansbridge is a well-known CBC News anchor here in Canada and along with television producer Mark Bulgutch, he has compiled in Extraordinary Canadians a collection of first-person narratives from everyday Canadians who have made a positive impact on our country.

As Mansbridge states, the great heroes of a country aren’t the politicians, the money makers or the celebrities – they are the everyday heroes who show what a country is made of. It’s the frontline nurses, the soldiers, the immigrants. It’s the advocates, the first Indigenous female surgeon and others who have broken down barriers and faced personal struggles, yet still found the strength and compassion to give back to their communities to fight for inclusion, acceptance and freedom.

This book features Canadians from various backgrounds and reflects the diversity, humility, strength, and perseverance of our population as these seventeen people share the contributions they’ve made to their communities and our country as a whole.

They are an eclectic bunch and while their stories are all compelling, a few touched me more than others – in particular, Jessica Grossman, Frances Wright and Robb Nash. Jessica shares her struggle with Crohn’s Disease and her goal to destigmatize ostomy bags. Frances is a tireless supporter of social justice who raised millions of dollars for the Famous Five statues in Ottawa in recognition of five prominent Canadian suffragists and musician Robb Nash is an inspiration for his on-going dedication to support teens dealing with bullying, self-harm, and suicide.

Inspiring, touching and a source of great pride, this group of Canadians show why Canada’s diversity, humility and strength make this country an amazing place to call home and for the word ‘Canadian’ to mean so very much.

— Laurie P.