Confessions of a Forty-Something

Life rarely goes as planned. We all know that, especially in this COVID year! But Nell Stevens in Confessions of a Forty-Something by Alexandra Potter is truly a prime example.

Happily (or so she thought) in love and living the dream in California, Nell soon finds herself living back with her parents in England. Her relationship has broken down, her beloved bookshop closed and all of her savings, such as they were, are gone.

Seeing her old school chums adulting perfectly with their successful careers, adorable children, fashionable friends and beautiful homes, Nell is determined to make something of her life and not be “less”.

Nell moves into a flatshare with a polar-opposite flatmate/landlord and secures a job as a writer…of obituaries. On her first assignment she meets widow, Cricket, and an unlikely friendship is formed between the 40-something and the 80-something.

As we follow Nell through her new life back in England, we share in the highs and lows and many humourous situations. I found myself truly LOL-ing and I couldn’t get enough of Cricket, her life, memories, wisdoms and zest for life.

I was sorry to reach the end and say goodbye to Nell and Cricket et al. This is the perfect romantic comedy to read in this very strange year and luckily, WPL has more novels by Potter in the collection. Definitely time for this not-forty-something to grab a few more.

— Sandi H.