Family Game Night!

For an introverted homebody, being told to stay home and avoid socialization was far from punishment. If anything, it was ideal actually. Spending countless hours reading, binging new TV shows and having endless movie marathons, all whilst surrounded by family was a dream come true!

Now, over 200 days in, the honeymoon stage has long passed. My eyes are dry from constant stimulation, irritability and impatience are in a constant battle for my attention, and family dinners have become evening torture. A dirty spoon left in the sink is now the catalyst for a slammed door, failing to replace a bag of milk results in the silent treatment, and the orientation of toilet paper on the roll is a life or death debate. In these trying times, practicing Mindfulness can only get you so far.

So, how are you to deal with all of your pent-up frustrations in an acceptable way, you ask? Three words: family game night. Where silence is considered strategy, raising your voice is just competitive nature and throwing items across the room is an appropriate response to a difference of opinion. Almost any action can be rationalized as passionate game play, which makes it the perfect way to dispose of your negative emotions without judgement or consequence.

The best part is that this is an effective strategy for all! Whether you’re a parent or guardian on your last ounce of patience, a frustrated child longing for freedom, or an angsty teen experiencing hormonal changes under the inescapable eyes of your family, game night is the solution for you!

Don’t have any board games of your own? Don’t fret, the Waterloo Public Library has you covered! Choose from our large collection of games available to borrow. Race your way through Candyland, settle down in the rich Isle of Catan, or use your Monopoly to work your way to riches! Release your frustrations, and have fun doing it!

Warning: losing may have an adverse effect.

— Madison P.