Books & Beer

Join Kat from Short Finger Brewing as she talks about beers and books. Kat will pair their house made brews with some great library reads! You will be given a list of beers you can purchase ahead of time (or after) to sample…and maybe the chance to also place some books on hold at the WPL!

Registrants will receive an e-mail 24 hours before the start of the program with an invitation to join.

The following beers will be discussed during this program. Stop by Short Finger Brewery before October 22 to purchase yours before the program!

From Short Finger Brewery:

Midnight Bike Club – 4% Small Pale Ale
This is our version of a Session Pale Ple. Light and hazy with a very low bitterness for the style, this tastes and smells like citrus and mango. MBC is dry-hopped with a blend of American hops. It is flavourful but approachable.

Aliens Exist – 5.8% Mixed Ferment Pale Ale
This blended Funky Pale Ale is fermented with our in-house yeast and bacteria culture. It is then aged on two second-use dry hops from our other Pale Ales before being conditioned in the can. You may never have had a beer like this before.

Ain’t No Sunshine – 5.2% Whiskey Barrel-Aged Peach Cobbler Sour
This is our version of a harvest beer. We age our Golden Sour in freshly emptied Buffalo Trace whiskey barrels for ten months. That liquid is then aged on Ontario peaches with vanilla beans for another ten months. This beer is sour and fruity with a hint of baking spice and vanilla.

Lando batch JK – 5.4% Barrel-Aged Sour Saison Blend
Lando is our in-house favourite and the closest thing to a flagship that we have. Every batch is slightly different. This JK batch, which stands for Jester King, was aged in neutral oak barrels for fourteen months. It was then blended with fresh Saison that was brewed with American Cascade hops. Part of the fresh blend was aged on second-use dry hops from our True Believer Pale Ale.