The Two Janes

These two Janes really rock! Jane Goodall and Jane Fonda, that is.

The two Janes are now in their 80’s, an age where some people might expect them to be sitting at home doing their knitting. Not these badass octogenarians. They’re out there trying to change the world. WPL has a couple of new titles that feature these remarkable women, Jane Goodall: The Hope (DVD) and What Can I Do? by Jane Fonda (book).

I recently watched Jane Goodall: The Hope. Jane Goodall first came to prominence when as a young woman in 1960, she set out alone for the wilds of Africa to study chimpanzees. Since then the Englishwoman, now 86 years old, has morphed from scientist into tireless environmentalist. The film follows her around as she travels 300 days a year (well, pre-pandemic anyway) speaking to people and in particular trying to galvanize young people. This gentle, soft-spoken woman is unshakeable in her determination to make a difference. We all make many choices each day, she says, and if enough of us make choices that align with the well-being of the planet, then we are unstoppable. A hopeful and inspiring film about an extraordinary woman!

As of this writing, What Can I Do? by Jane Fonda has not actually arrived at the library yet but it is on order and should be arriving shortly. The American actress/activist, now 82 years old, writes of her growing preoccupation about climate change. Last fall, Fonda made the decision to move to Washington, D.C. where she has been leading weekly climate demonstrations (as well as getting arrested a few times). In this book she presents all the climate change science, as well as offering specific actions we can all take to help mitigate it. I’ve always been a huge admirer of this smart and outspoken woman. I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book!

— Penny D.