I’m a voracious reader who enjoys reading many different genres and I regularly like to include Canadian content because we have some amazing talent up here!

Sheri McInnis is a new-to-me Canadian author and I recently read her book Framed. This is a story about two former college roommates who meet up after many years apart — each with secrets they want to keep hidden. This impressive novel hit the ground running with a dark, twisty read that is a ‘dark psychological thriller meets domestic drama with a side of police procedural’. It has good twists, an interesting array of characters and short chapters that unravel a story full of secrets and deceptions. The story’s focus is often on the complicated relationships with the gritty crime/police procedural being downplayed a bit more than I would have expected (but the high energy action scenes later on make up for it!).

The story takes place over three days and is told by five points of view – each of whom are a little unlikable and a bit of a train wreck in varying degrees. The main story centres around Beth Crawford, her marriage to Jay, and her friendship with Cassie Ogilvy, her wild college roommate. Through these relationships McInnis tackles a few issues — toxic relationships, marriage, friendship, betrayal and deception — making it a good pick for book club discussion.

Overall, I was very impressed with this book. McInnis’ writing is concise, her pacing is strong and that last twist? Wow! McInnis is a great addition to the Canadian suspense scene and I eagerly look forward to reading more of her work (I’m excited to hear she’s already working on a sequel for Framed!). You’ll find copies of this book at WPL.

— Laurie P.