His & Hers

I’m a huge fan of the suspense genre. I love a sudden twist, good red herrings and complicated, nefarious characters. His and Hers by Alice Feeney caught my attention because of the bookish buzz it has received on social media, so I grabbed an audiobook copy and …. I loved it!!


The audiobook’s narrators, Stephanie Racine and Richard Armitage (you may recognize him from his stint as dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit movie trilogy), bring this already suspenseful read to life and pull readers into this web of lies. The story is told by three POVs – Anna, DCI Jack Harper and the unknown killer who has a delightfully bone-chilling voice. goosebumps

I won’t get into the plot details but I hope that readers will jump right in! Just know that this is a gripping, non-stop, twisty read that had me assuming I knew the identity of the killer only to pull the rug out from me not once, but twice. Page time isn’t wasted on superfluous subplots and silliness. Each page is used to build the tension, add twists, and keep the reader riveted.

WPL has copies of His & Hers in Print, Audio CD and eBook and while any format would be amazing, I’d strongly recommend listening to this book as an audiobook. Go into this book blind and you will get one heck of a ride.

— Laurie P.