A Walk in the Woods : literal & literary

I think that, more than ever these days, we all need a refuge. A sort of port in the COVID storm. My refuge (one of them, anyway) is nature.

Most every day, usually first thing in the morning, I go for a long walk through the woods. I take my time and try to fully immerse myself in the experience. Not only do I get fresh air and exercise but also a measure of peace and calm and quiet, which I can, hopefully, draw on later as I go about my day.

Looking to start your own nature adventures? WPL has a number of close-to-home hiking books:

For adventures a little further afield check out:

Something there for all tastes and hiking abilities!

a-walk-in-the-woods-book-coverOr you can read about walking in the woods, and from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Here’s a title I would highly recommend, A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. (The book Wild by Cheryl Strayed recounts the author’s solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a great read, but I feel it focuses more on the author trying to come to terms with her troubled life than on the actual walk itself.)

In A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson is joined by an old school friend for a series of adventures and misadventures as they do an epic hike up the 2,000-mile-long Appalachian Trail in the eastern U.S. First of all, Bryson is a terrific writer. Anything he has ever written is worth a read. He’s also an oh-so-funny guy and there are plenty of LOL moments in this book. And goodness knows we could all use a little more laughter these days.

Walking in the woods, literally and literarily, has been a real refuge for me. I hope that you too have found a place or activity of refuge.

— Penny D.