When I Hit The Road

With summer fast approaching, many families usually would be gearing up for road trips but this summer looks like it might be quite different. If kids can’t go on a road trip with a bunch of quirky people, they can at least enjoy reading this Middle School book by Nancy J. Cavanaugh about a quirky road trip full of mishaps, funny moments and lots of family feels. When I Hit The Road is a cute, quick read that’s perfect for summer.

The story focuses on Samantha, a tween who’s not eager to spend her summer vacation with her grandmother at her retirement community in Florida. But Samantha’s Grandma surprises her with last minute road trip so she can compete in a senior’s karaoke competition. To make matters worse for Sam, Grandma’s friend Mimi and Mimi’s grandson, Brandon, come along for the ride.

Seeing how her summer has taken another downward turn, Sam decides to write letters to her future self to chronicle the trip and it’s through these letters that the story is told.

This is a sweet story that shows some of the bumps and bruises multigenerational families face. I liked the quirkiness of the older women and how the plot touches on family issues while the overall tone remains fairly light. When I Hit The Road (published in May 2020) has a nice message that showcases the importance of family and Middle School readers should enjoy the humorous situations that this gaggle experience on the road. Coming soon to a library near you.

— Laurie P.