Download Library Videos

On the heels of Kanopy’s launch at WPL, where you can stream Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries and kids content to your Smart TV or device, I want to re-introduce another great and sometimes forgotten resource for streaming videos at the library that also has some interesting content.

Want something to watch and have a library card before you try Kanopy? Already have a Download Library account? Go no further. Check out Download Library Videos. All you need is a library card,. Don’t have one? No problem! You can sign up here and you are good to go!

Why Download Library for videos?

Well if you already have a Download Library account it’s pretty simple. First, you log in. Then go to the pull-down menu for “collections”, then to “videos”, and you can select from:

  • Available : all of the titles you can sign out right now
  • New Video Additions : recent additions to the collection
  • New Kids Video Additions : recent additions to the kid’s collection
  • Most Popular : a list of what’s been signed out the most by other users
  • Try Something Different : titles that are unique
  • See All : everything that is in the collection

You can browse the video collection and see information about a title’s availability, summary, duration, actors, contributors, publisher, producer, director, format, subject headings, language, original release date, add it to your history, your wish list or watch a sample of the video before you sign it out.

There’s a good selection of over 1000 titles the last time I checked. There are dozens of genres from TV series to documentaries, instructional films to music to comedies and more. The videos are also available in multiple languages and there’s an option of 3, 5, 7-day loan periods. With one mouse click you can “borrow” the item and stream it now or later. At the same time, the system tells you the due date and how many more titles you still can borrow. It’s easy to return items with a click of the “return” button under the title you have signed out when you are done or if you change your mind and no longer want it signed out to you.

You can also go to your account and check out what you currently have on loan. Here it tells you when the item “expires” or if you want to “watch in now” in your browser. You can also see what you have on hold, what’s on your wish list, your rated titles and settings. You also sign out of your account from here.

Some great titles I’ve watched include:

Orchard House : about the home, that is now a museum, where Little Women author Louisa May Alcott grew up as a child, wrote and lived until her death.

Quebec : The Journeys of the Trappers : about the early settlers and history of Quebec

The Splendor of Ancient Egypt : about this ancient land. Although this is an older video, its style, tone and short length are good as an educational tool for children wanting to learn more about Egypt

Download Library Videos are a great starting point for those wanting something to watch. Give them a try!

— Teresa N-P