Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. It’s a day to remind ourselves to walk lightly upon the earth AND to celebrate the natural world. Now that spring is (allegedly) here, it’s a glorious time to reconnect with nature, as the earth wakes up after its long winter slumber.

Here are a couple of suggestions for celebrating Earth Day and, well, just about any day.

Get yourself outside–practicing social distancing, of course–where you can partake of the natural world, so maybe visit a nature trail, a meadow, a pond. Or even just a walk around your neighbourhood or even your backyard will suffice. Take the time to open up your senses to all you can see and hear and feel.


Spending time in nature is a great solace to me, the more so in these uncertain times. I walk every day along a nearby wooded nature trail. I can set off in a grumbly mood (or worse) and I always, always return in a happier frame of mind. Just recently someone, bless their heart, had set out some brightly painted stones, printed with cheery messages (“Stay safe,” “Be happy”) along the trail.

Try connecting to the earth through a gardening project, even if just a small one. What better time to garden than in the middle of this pandemic? Many of us are confined to our homes with an abundance of free time on our hands and very few options for going anywhere. On top of that, we may be feeling anxious about money and just plain anxious in general. Growing some of your own food is an activity that neatly checks off most of those boxes. And as for growing flowers– well, what better way to delight your senses and lift your spirits.

Here are some Earth Day reading and viewing options:

Interested in a documentary? In WPL’s Digital Library you can check out CBC Curio, BBC and National Geographic. I clicked on Environmental Science and found many options.

Visit DownloadLibrary for eBooks and eAudiobooks. In the non-fiction section I found 82 gardening titles and, wowzers, 257 nature titles. Books by Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall, David Suzuki, Peter Wohlleben and so many others. Truly something for everyone!

Happy Earth Day to you!

— Penny D.