Canadian Authors to Enjoy With Your Child

This time of social distancing took us all a bit by surprise. If you didn’t have the time to stock up on books for your child before the library closed you’re not alone. Fortunately, our download library has many great junior books available. Help maintain their literacy skills by making a plan to sit down together and read. Make sure you check out some of these great Canadian authors:

Heather Smith

Heather Smith currently lives here in Waterloo but she spent her childhood in Newfoundland. The wild beauty of the east coast had such a profound effect on her that she has intertwined most of her books with a Newfoundland setting. It is so well described in her stories that it almost takes on a character itself rather than just a location. She is a brilliant storyteller who often writes her books in verse, such as her 2018 release Ebb and Flow.

Eric Walters

Fostering a love of reading in the classroom is a teacher’s main goal. Back in 1993, Eric Walters struggled to get his fifth grade students to read. Hoping to inspire them, he wrote his story set in their school and used many of his students as characters. Not only did he succeed in encouraging them to read, he went on to get the book published under the title Stand Your Ground. Since then he has written over 90 novels for teens and young adults.

Susin Nielsen

Big hair, fedoras and teen drama – Susin Nielsen got her start writing for the television series Degrassi Junior High. The show tackled real life issues like drug use and teenage pregnancy which gave Susin Nielsen an understanding on how to communicate serious experiences to a young crowd. Her latest novel, No Fixed Address deals with the issue of hidden homelessness and earned her a Red Maple Award Nomination.

Shane Peacock

Elementary, my dear Watson! Not much is mentioned about Sherlock Holmes’ childhood in the original stories but Shane Peacock has created a whole series around Sherlock’s early years. Long before he became the famous detective from 221B Baker Street, he was a just a child on the streets of London trying to put clues together one piece at a time. The Boy Sherlock Holmes series has just as much intrigue and suspense as the Conan Doyle stories.

There are so many great Canadian authors to choose from: Norah McClintock, Kenneth Oppel, Kelley Armstrong, the list goes on – all of these authors are available on our download library. Take some time to browse through and find an author that’s right for your child.

— Lesley L.