It’s That Good

The movie Parasite is one hot item at the library these days. It won several Oscars, including best picture (the first non-English language film to do so).

I can’t wait until my hold comes in, even though I’ve seen the movie already. I saw it awhile back on the recommendation of my son after he assured me, several times, that it is not about literal parasites. (LOL) But I really, really want to see it again. It’s that good.

This Korean-made movie centres on two families, the poor and unscrupulous Kim family and the rich Park family. The teenage son of the Kim family lands a job with the Park family. Then, through trickery and deceit, the young man insinuates the rest of his family, parasite-like, into the Park household.

One day the Park’s former housekeeper, who has been maneuvered out of her job by the Kim family, shows up at the house to retrieve “something” she left behind. Now, this is where the plot veers into the dark, the weird, the unexpected, the surreal, and…I’m starting to run out of adjectives. It is a movie so unlike any that I have seen before. It’s just “wow”.

I can’t wait to see Parasite again. You should check it out too.

— Penny D.