Downton Abbey: the movie

Fabulous news, Downton Abbey fans! The movie version is coming out on DVD December 17th and will be arriving at WPL shortly. You can place your holds now but be forewarned, there is quite a lengthy list.

I got the chance to see Downton Abbey at the movie theatre earlier this fall. It’s set in 1927 and continues on from where Season 6 of the television series left off. The King and Queen are coming to Downton Abbey for a visit, throwing everyone, both upstairs and downstairs, into a tizzy.

If you liked the TV series, you will love the movie! The splendid cast of characters, the juicy plot lines, the romance, the gorgeous costumes, and stately Downton Abbey itself—what’s not to love?

I have to confess that I’ve seen only some, not all, of the TV series but I’m remedying that. I’ve decided to sit down and watch the entire series from beginning to end. Rather surprisingly, my husband—who is more of an action movie kind of guy—has agreed to watch with me.

So looks like I’ll be buried deep in Downton Abbey-land for awhile. If I don’t return my messages or show up late for work (you didn’t read that here), you’ll know why….

— Penny D.