Wonder is truly wonderful

With the newly released movie Wonder in the spotlight these days, I thought it was important to remind everyone that this heartwarming movie with its A-list cast is based on a very popular book series.

One of my all-time favourite books, to be exact.

Written in 2012 by R.J Palacio, Wonder tells the story of Auggie, a 5th grader who has severe craniofacial deformities who goes from being home schooled to attending public school. The story is told by Auggie and five other characters which sounds like it could be confusing but Palacio gives her characters clear voices which give readers insight into how Auggie influences those around him.

Auggie is an inspiring, funny and strong main character who will stay with readers for a long time. He’s a Star Wars loving boy with an extraordinary face who has a great support system at home. His parents and sister have instilled in him a strong sense of self and he uses humour to deal with other people’s issues with his face.

This book could very easily do a tailspin into a very woeful read about bullying but I found it uplifting and I loved its important message:

“Be kinder than is necessary. Because it’s not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed.”

Simple, yet oh so important.

This is a must read for anyone from ages nine to ninety-nine. It’s about bullying, the true meaning of friendship and doing what is right, not necessarily what is the easiest. I adored this book and still think of Auggie five years after first reading it. Having yet to see the film, my hope is that Hollywood does this much loved book justice in its tone, intention and feeling that Palacio so eloquently imparted to her readers back in 2012.

Wonder is truly wonderful.

-Laurie P.