This Beautiful Fantastic

Warning! The film, This Beautiful Fantastic, contains NO violence, coarse language or sexuality. However, it does contain some lovely moments of whimsicality threaded throughout an age old story.

Bella Brown, who was abandoned at birth and raised in an orphanage, becomes enchanted with literature and longs to write a children’s book. As a young adult with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, she lands a job at the local library ruled by an overbearing librarian who is not a fan of Bella’s gentle and inquisitive demeanor. Her next door neighbour, a curmudgeon of a man, holds the same opinion of Bella and thus, it feels like the forces of darkness are conspiring against this sweet woman.

One of the regular library patrons is a man who describes himself as an inventor and his quirkiness and innocence touches Bella in a way she has had no experience with. This ray of sunshine is marred by events unfolding at home. Bella, who is terrified of the ‘great outdoors’, receives a visit from her landlord and discovers that she needs to do some serious work on the gardens on the property that she is occupying or risk eviction.

The grumpy fellow next door offers some advice to Bella on how to get the garden into a reasonable state and it is through these encounters that their relationship begins to grow and blossom like the very garden she is trying to create. We get a glimpse of the glorious parkland that the neighbour has developed over the years and the imagery of the flowers is stunning. While Bella’s horticultural efforts are being rewarded, her love life takes a turn which upsets the apple cart. With the support of her neighbour and his loyal employee, Bella begins the healing journey that will help her in her quest to write the children’s book she dreams of.

This is a simple story but beautifully filmed and terrifically heart-warming.

-Nancy C.