Lady Chatterley’s Lover and the Downton Abbey connection

Recently one of WPL’s Book Clubs discussed this title. While I had heard of the book before, I had never actually made any attempt to read it. The premise: a married aristocratic woman in 1920s England has an affair with the gamekeeper working on her husband’s estate.  The novel highlights the domination of intellectuals over the working class (mental over physical).  First published in 1928 the book was considered salacious and was widely banned.  Of course, it made the book all the more appealing to young adults first exploring their own sexuality.

As a devoted Downton Abbey fan I couldn’t help but notice some similarities.  The setting for each is an estate in the English countryside. Time period is 1920’s. Main characters include the upper class family who live on the estate and the estate workers and villagers who live nearby.

While reading the book I couldn’t help but recall that in the Downtown Abbey series Lady Mary and Lady Edith each had dalliances without the benefit of matrimony and Lady Sybil married the chauffeur.  Seems that things that are forbidden hold special appeal.

If you are missing Downton Abbey and they wonderful story of life in 1920s England, then Lady Chatterley’s Lover might be just the book for you.

– – Christine B.