Mary Tyler Moore Show


Who can turn the world on with her smile? And take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile….Why, Mary Tyler Moore— of course.

I’m so excited. WPL has just ordered all seven seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I love that show! It is my all-time, favouritist TV show, ever. (Though unfortunately Mary Tyler Moore herself died in January.)

I’m looking forward to being reunited with the gang, who almost feel like old friends. In the TV newsroom, there’s Mary Richard’s boss, crusty Lou Grant; ego-maniac news anchor Ted Baxter; and good old dependable Murray Slaughter. In later seasons, Sue Ann Nivens (played by the incomparable Betty White) came on board and chased after Lou Grant every chance she got. In her home life, Mary’s best friend was the wonderfully wacky Rhoda Morgenstern (surely one of the greatest TV characters of all time).

For me, a lot of the appeal of the show is due to the Mary Richards character. She was young, single, pursuing an exciting career. Yet she always came across as a real person, as we saw plenty of insecurity and vulnerability in her.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show was excellent in every regard. It was always so well written, so well acted and so very, very funny. It was awarded–let me see, quick Google check here–29 Emmys over its seven-year run.

The DVDs should be coming into the library soon. Yippee, time to celebrate. I know, I’ll  take off my hat and toss it up into the air—just like Mary.

– – Penny D.