Suicide Squad (DVD)

Move over Will Smith the ladies are claiming the throne in this action packed, edge of your seat, thrill ride!

suicide-squadViola Davis embodies the antihero and powerful foe Dr. Amanda Blake Waller. In her stunning performance, she creates a team of villains dubbed “Project X” in an effort to anticipate a war of meta-humans (e.g., Superman, Thor, Batman). Holding back no punches, she is ruthless, cunning, calculating, devious and will stop at nothing to execute her agendas. Loved her in this film!

Oh Harley Quinn! How fans such as myself have long awaited your arrival to the big screen! Margot Robbie channels the infamous and notorious Dr. Harleen Quinzel, partner-in-crime and soul mate to the Joker. Despite the disappointment of many deleted scenes of Jared Leto’s epic performance of the Joker (coming second to the portrayal by Heath Ledger), the film still captures the twisted, dysfunctional and abusive relationship between these two tortured sociopaths.

Enchantress! Cara Delevingne has be-spelled the audience with her intuitive portrayal of the Enchantress/June Moone. Although the writers have deviated from the comic-lore with this character, Delevingne is a powerful goddess to be reckoned with nonetheless!

Overall, it is the women who are the stars.

– Sabrina B.