The Making of Donald Trump

makingofdonaldMy work colleague recently contributed  a post about the upcoming presidential inauguration. Here are my thoughts.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how the American people elected Donald Trump as president. I am actively fearing and dreading his presidency.

For awhile I hoped there might be a kinder, gentler Donald underneath, but nothing he has said or done since the election has shown that to be the case.  Basically, I think we are up s*** creek without a paddle (don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I am anyway). My way of coping, or trying anyway,  is to read and stay informed.

First up, there are some books out there written by Donald Trump himself. Let me just say I have zero interest in reading them.

A recently published, new addition at the library is The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston. The author is a Pulitzer- prize winning investigative journalist who has been writing about Donald Trump for 30 years. He says his credo as an investigative journalist is, if your mother tells you she loves you, check it and then double check it. So I think his credentials are solid.

So what does Johnston have to say about Trump?

Nothing good, I’m afraid.  A lot of it we have already seen for ourselves (his striking back, hard, at anyone who crosses him, his skill at exploiting the media, his mindset which seems more akin to dictator than democrat).

Here’s something I was unaware of. Trump has a long history of  close association with criminals. Johnston describes this association  as “a vast assortment of con artists, swindlers, mobsters and mob associates, a major drug trafficker he went to bat for, and other unsavory characters.”  Deeply troubling connections in a man who will shortly be the President of the United States, I would say.

The reader also gets a detailed account of Trump’s history of  flouting regulations– and often getting away with it. Johnston’s account of Trump University is a good case in point. After numerous complaints, government officials in various states, including Florida, began investigating Trump University. At which point Donald Trump made  a large donation to the Florida attorney-general’s re-election campaign (as did Ivanka Trump). Then, poof—as if by magic– the attorney-general’s investigation into Trump University ceased. Yeah, money talks alright (and silences, too).

I feel like I should end this post on a positive note. Well, reading and generally staying informed is a valuable thing, especially considering Trump’s repeated attacks on the news media.

But the truth is I fear we are in for a rough ride ahead. I hope I’m proved wrong.

Penny D.