December Book Club titles

Oh . . . the weather outside is delightful and the snow is so invisible and if you’ve no place to go . . . . come to Book Club . . . come to Book Club . . . come to Book Club.

Of course the “lyrics” must be sung to the music of the song Let it Snow but I am sure you get the idea. . . .

The Waterloo Public Library hosts two monthly book clubs – a Monday Evening Book Club and a Thursday Afternoon Book Club.  You are welcome to attend either or both!  No need to register or be invited. Just Here is what we are reading in December:

December 12th @ 7 p.m.  Main Library, Auditorium

aplaceA Place Called Here by Cecila Ahern

Sandy Shortt has been obsessed about where missing things, and people, end up ever since the disappearance of a childhood friend 20 years ago. It has even motivated her to become a private investigator, attempting to track down missing loved ones and offering devastated families a flicker of hope



December 15th @ 1:30 p.m.  Main Library, Board Room

mybrilliantMy Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

The story of Elena (Lenu) Greco and Raffaella (Lila) Cerullo’s childhood and adolescence in the 1950s, two best friends who live in a destitute neighbourhood on the outskirts of Naples. The novel opens with Lenu in her 60s, now a successful writer, trying to take possession of her fraught shared history with Lila. The girls embody two different types of intelligence: Elena is able to memorise large swaths of information which she can mould into new forms, whilst Lila’s mind is innovative and lethal in its capacities. Elena and Lila’s friendship moves from competition to collaboration as they navigate the parameters of their neighbourhood, their burgeoning sexualities, and their expanding intellects. Whilst Elena’s parents are finagled into paying for their daughter’s education, tragically Lila is withdrawn before middle school, and subsequently becomes obsessed with finding a way out of the meagre potential of the neighbourhood. The girls’ stories are told against the backdrop of Italy’s changing political landscape: from fascism and Camorra Mafioso to the flowering Communist movement, Elena and Lila’s fate is tied to the development of their country.

Hope to see you at a meeting!